A Future-Making Factory. Criticisms on the Concept of „Appropriated Future“ (budost) in Ladislav Hejdánek’s Philosophy

Lenka Karfíková

In his concept of the future, Ladislav Hejdánek presupposes an
„appropriated future“ (budost) of the subject (which, for him, is every living being, including the atoms). The subject is granted its „appropriated future“ at the very origin of its existence out of the Absolute Future. However, this concept seems to be problematic for two reasons: (1) It is deterministic (the future, rather than be open, would be set and done from the very beginning), (2) it does not consider the constitutive dependence of the subject on other subjects (as, according to Hejdánek, a subject’s future is not made possible by other subjects but rather drawn directly from an Absolute Wellspring of Future).