Reflexe 25


The Heretical Conception of the European Legacy in the Late Essays of Jan Patočka (p. 5‒22)
Ivan Chvatík

In Which Sense is the Theaetetus an Aporetic Dialogue; or, What is Knowledge? (p. 23‒52)
Vojtěch Hladký

The Parable of the Wicked Tenants (Mk 12:1-12) (p. 53‒70)
Jakub S. Trojan

Aristotle´s Principle of Contradiction in Book IV of the Metaphysics (p. 71‒80)
Štěpán Holub

Political and Moral Obligation in Thomas Hobbes (p. 81‒101)
Raymond Polin


Nagarjuna (p. 103‒124)
Karl Jaspers

Book Reviews

G. Vlastos, Socratic Studies (p. 125‒136)
Pavel Hobza

P. Aubenque, Rozumnost podle Aristotela (p. 137‒146)
Jakub Čapek