Reflexe 16


Man and History (p. 1‒12)
Karl Löwith

Historicism, History and the Figurative Imagination (p. 1‒23)
Hayden White

The Experience of History and the Historical Experience (p. 1‒14)
Volker Rühle

Jan Patočka's Heresy in the Reflections on the Crisis of Europe (p. 1‒14)
Ivan Chvatík

Meaning in the World and in History (p. 1‒13)
Ladislav Hejdánek


History as Literature - Literature as History (p. 1‒23)
Vladimír Biti

Can the Philosophy of History Be Founded in Tropology? (p. 1‒12)
Herta Nagl-Docekal

On the Roads to Eternal Peace (p. 1‒22)
Petr Bláha