Reflexe 07-08


Interview I (p. 1‒20)
Karl R. Popper

Augustine's Concept of Contemplation (p. 1‒32)
Lenka Karfíková

Augustine's Concept of Power (p. 1‒22)
Jakub S. Trojan

The Existential Understanding of Knowledge (p. 1‒7)
Jiří Michálek

Exodus as a Contra-Fatal Kerygmatic Notion in the Old and New Testaments (p. 1‒13)
Milan Balabán

The Essence of Knowledge: Plato's "Theaetetus" (p. 1‒7)
Aron Ronald Bodenheimer

Spiritual Exercise and "Christian Philosophy" (p. 1‒18)
Pierre Hadot