Reflexe 12


On the Starting Points of Patočka's Concept of History (p. 1‒26)
Milan Průcha

Patočka: History, Phenomenology (p. 1‒11)
Miroslav Petříček


Why is Patočka's Philosophy of History Heretical? (p. 1‒12)
Filip Karfík

Jakob's Thuggle at the Night Ford (p. 1‒5)
Milan Balabán

Wealth in Variety (p. 1‒18)
Norman Solomon

The New Paradigma of Post-Modern Christian Theology (p. 1‒10)
Claude Geffré

The Drama of Christianity in European Culture (p. 1‒18)
Karol Nandrásky

Diogenes the Cynic (p. 1‒7)
Ivan Dubský